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Mike Saporito

Mike is the founder of SmartHabit, the Sustainable Performance model, and World-Class Facilitation. As CEO, Mike leads SmartHabit’s mission to help people everywhere own their workday with calm, clarity and confidence.

Mike has almost 20 years of experience helping organizations improve their performance through their people. In doing so, his collaboration with New York Times best selling authors and pioneers in human development from Stanford inspired what is now known as SmartHabit’s Sustainable Performance Model.

Prior to SmartHabit, Mike was a Senior Director at BTS. He led teams that designed and delivered experiential learning solutions for global organizations. He also saw new opportunities in the market for creating lasting, positive change.

Mike is an external advisor McKinsey & Company. He’s also a certified facilitator and coach, with a knack for engaging and inspiring people to own their workday. He holds a BA from Penn State University and MBA from DePaul University.

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